Rowlett Foundation Repair

Repairing foundations in Rowlett and the rest of DFW for over 20 years! You can trust us with your foundation repair.

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We Repair Rowlett Foundations

At 1st Choice Foundation Repair, we are committed to easing the concerns of Rowlett homeowners by providing affordable and dependable foundation repair solutions.

Thank you for visiting our website, Rowlett Texas homeowners. You have come to the right place to clear up questions and concerns that you may have regarding a possible foundation repair issue with your home. 1st Choice Foundation Repair Co. is an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau and has proudly been serving the Rowlett area since 1990 by offering long term foundation repair solutions at affordable prices.

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Financing Options

We offer financing options to our clients during these hard economic times at no additional cost to you. While we work to make our foundation repair affordable by offering fixed rate no haggle pricing, we know sometimes financing is necessary for larger jobs. At 1st Choice we offer a number of flexible financing offers for you to take advantage of.

Insurance for Your Protection

We carry full GLC insurance for your protection although it is not required by the State of Texas. That means that the majority of foundation repair companies that have visited your home DO NOT carry adequate insurance to protect you in case one of their workers gets hurt at your home. ALWAYS ask to see a copy of their liability insurance. Most do not have it and leave you incredibly exposed to lawsuits.


Do you know if you have a foundation repair issue? Maybe… maybe not… and that’s OK.

Give us a call and we can either schedule an onsite evaluation at your home or oftentimes, we can trouble shoot your issue over the phone by asking some basic questions. Either way, don’t delay and think that the problem will go away on its own. It will not. Delaying foundation repair can lead to all kinds of collateral damage including, but not limited to plumbing/slab leaks, cosmetic cracking/damage on both the inside and outside, floor damage, roof damage, window issues, poor insulation.

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Our Pledge to Our Customers

With our great pricing, flexible financing, and superior workmanship, how can you afford not to call us and find out why we are so different from the rest. We don’t spend money on big celebrities to sell our services, rather we use a referral system from existing clients to get over 50% of our business. That is the best test of customer satisfaction… the amount of clients that refer us to their family and friends.

CALL NOW – 214-537-9407
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